Our Coffee


Specialty Beans

Our beans are always ethically sourced and specialty grade. High quality beans and the perfect roast mean an outstanding cup of coffee.


Air Roasted

 Air Roasting or a Fluid Bed Roaster uses a stream of hot air to roast the coffee beans. as opposed to the typical Drum Roasted Coffee, Air Roasting creates a super clean finish. because of the way Air Roasting uses convection heat in the roasting process, the acids that often lead to upset stomach are greatly reduced.



Consistent Quality

Each bag of coffee is freshly roasted to exact specifications, leaving you with a smooth, balanced, perfect cup every time. 


Own a coffee shop?  own a business?  INterested in wholesale pricing and opportunities?  Want us to come out for a cupping event? Private labeling & unique blends available.  Contact us HERE to get more information, samples and find out about more opportunities to better serve you.